Service Range

Service Range

The germanagrar group provides a wide range of services related to agriculture, including legal advice and support and the management of agricultural businesses and land. In addition, we serve as an agent for clients seeking to purchase or lease agricultural property and/or to hire labour.
Our activities are concentrated in Eastern Europe.

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Direct Investments in Agriculture

+25 years of experience

Our long experience allow us to assess current conditions accurately and to advise our clients on where and how they can best invest in agriculture.

Our extensive network of branch offices under German management provides direct access to local markets. Our comprehensive overview of the region means that we are always aware of changes in local conditions such as increased demand or emerging opportunities in specific areas. The germanagrar group is now one of the most experienced and highly respected companies in the field of capital investments in farmland and agriculture.

The germanagrar group brokers farmland, agricultural businesses and investments all over Central and Eastern Europe. We offer our clients the opportunity to buy farmland directly rather than merely buying shares in investment funds, thus allowing them to make direct investments in agriculture and farming properties and providing them with complete control and transparency.


Managing Agricultural Businesses - Leasing Land Back

Arable farming is one of our core areas of expertise. Our long-standing experience has helped us to optimally adapt farming technology and labour organization to local conditions, enabling us to achieve outstanding results. Apart from managing our own agricultural businesses, we also offer our management services to clients and lease back farmland acquired by investors.


Land Management

The right management can enhance the benefits of a capital investment in farmland over the long term, and choosing the best kind of leasing arrangement and type of cultivation can increase the return on an investment significantly.

Our client base includes numerous financially strong businesses with an interest in leasing arable land, as well as renewable energy producers. We are also able to choose the best candidate from local bidders for leasehold, draw up the most effective type of contracts, and provide long-term lease management.