Our products
Cucumber, corn, soybean, sugar beet, canola, sunflower, wheat


As a special crop we grow cucumbers.


Grain corn is our central main crop, accounting for 40% of the area under cultivation.


Due to the increasing demand for non-GMO soybeans, soy has become our second most popular crop.


Declining yields in many growing regions around the world are making rapeseed growing more and more attractive to us.

oilseed rape, field of rapeseeds, yellow-4412901.jpg

Sugar beets

The increasing price and disease pressure makes the queen of crops more and more demanding for us. 


Due to the increased demand for edible oil, we have increased production over the years


Along with corn and rice, wheat is now one of the world’s most important crops for human nutrition and is grown by us for crop rotation. 

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