Selling a farm
Processing: Your sale is our sale

Selling a farm can be stressful. In many cases, the settlement runs uncontrolled and takes on a life of its own. Lawyers and consultants are calling the shots. 

A meaningful teaser is not enough!

In the run-up, facts that reduce value must be identified and corrected. A large number of farms must be made fit for sale.

  • Tax risks,
  • Shaky leases,
  • Risks of hidden receivables,  
  • Overdue operational restructuring,  
  • Uncertain swpa contracts,
  • Permit gaps, 
  • and missing test reports

may not be determined in the midst of the sales process by the buyer’s advisors, lawyers and tax advisors.

Discretion as the top priority

The germanagrar group is backed by one of the financially strongest customer groups in Europe – some of whom have been doing business with us for over 30 years. This enables us to implement annual transaction volumes of € > 100 million almost unnoticed.

Successful execution:
Without unrealistic timelines

At the start of processing, it must be possible to provide a complete and accurately prepared data set. The entire transaction process must be kept in view. In this way, rapid and plannable processing can be ensured.

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